Candidates for reception into the Society must believe in the Christian Trinity and be Master Masons. However, SRIL is entirely autonomous and has no other connections, ties or recognitions with Freemasonry.

The Masonic qualification assures that the neophyte has already demonstrated fidelity and privacy as a member of the Fraternity. The Christian qualification is required because the character of the rituals of the Degrees is completely Christian, and would not be understood or appreciated by believers of any other faith. This character is emphasized in the reception ceremony where a certain communion of life and understanding among the members is stressed.

The Society does not aim primarily at increasing the number of members, but is always ready to consider the admission of Brothers whose interest in the aims of the Society is sincere and who are sympathetic to the Rose-Cross. Membership in a College is restricted to 72 members. New members must select a distinctive “Latin Mote” which will forever identify them.