FRATERNITAS is a quarterly magazine of Societas Rosicruciana in Lusitania (SRIL).

It is published in quality paper and four languages – English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

Each publication contains four original articles that have been peer-reviewed and that are of high quality and of historical and philosophical interest.

Some of the previously published articles include:

  • Magic, a glimpse into a hidden treasure
  • Some teachings from the apocryphal books
  • From Sibylline Silence to Philosophical Questioning
  • Considerations and Reflections on the Emerald Tablet
  • The Sphere of Democritus and man’s destiny
  • Expansion of Consciousness: Description of Five Meditation Techniques
  • Fraternity and Christian Humanism

The subscription is open to anybody!

Subscription fees (postage included):

  • Portugal: 25€/year
  • EU: 35€/year
  • The rest of the world: 40€/year

To subscribe:

  • Use the Contact form.
  • In Subject put “FRATERNITAS – subscription”.
  • In the message indicate the full address where you would like to receive the magazine.
  • Once submitted, SRIL will contact you to complete the subscription.