Degrees of the First Order or Apprenticeship:

  • First Degree – Zelator
  • Second Degree – Theoricus
  • Third Degree – Practicus
  • Fourth Degree – Philosophus

Degrees of the Second Order or Teaching:

  • Fifth Degree – Adeptus Minor
  • Sixth Degree – Adeptus Major
  • Seventh Degree – Adeptus Exemptu

Degrees of the Third Order or Government:

  • Eight Degree – Magister
  • Ninth Degree – Magus

A minimum of six months must elapse between receiving the degrees, and in order to make progression each member is encouraged to prepare and present at the College work on some topic of interest.

Degree IV Fratres who are members of the Society need a minimum of four years in the Society to have access to the Second Order. Advancement to the Second Order is not guaranteed and is based on progress, interest and attendance at meetings, reviewed by the Chief Adept.

The granting of Second Order Degrees is the sole responsibility of the Supreme Magus.