The ruling body of the Society is known as the High Council composed of the Most Worthy Fratres of the Third Order (IX and VIII), and also the district coordinators (Chief Adeptus) who are not members of the Third Order.

The ultimate ruler of the Society is the Supreme Magus, who is titled “Most Worthy and Honorable Frater.” The Supreme Magus is supported in the day-to-day management by two Substitute Supremus Magi, a Grand Treasurer and a Grand Secretary, all of whom are elected by the High Council.

The subordinate structures of SRIL are called “Colleges”, each governed, by a Chief Adeptus, appointed by the Supreme Magus.

SRIL is divided as per the following structure:

  • Metropolitan College
  • Portugal:
    • College Thurman Pace
    • College Atanor
    • College Pedro Nunes (with dispensation)
  • Italy:
    • College Etere
    • College Sephiroth
    • College Rebis
  • Spain:
    • Study Circle of the Rosy Cross Moisés de León

The ritual ceremonies of the College are directed by a Celebrant supported by Officers according to a defined and hierarchical structure.

The Supreme Magus has its own College, the Metropolitan College.